Ponza GP

Ponza GP
Vorgestellt:imm cologne 2013, Köln
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This year the relationship between the softness of leather and the warmth of wood was further explored, inspiring the simple style of Gordon Guillaumier's creations. Once again, the designer entrusted his new line of chairs, tables and poufs to Frag's

decades of experience.
The chair, lounge chair and pouf presented at the preview accentuate the sensuality of this pairing of leather and wood, emphasizing the unique natural characteristics and shapes of the materials and lending the pieces lightn

ess and balance.
The appeal of the Ponza product line is also evident in the attention given to fine details – the frame, covered in white leather, is composed of a rounded seat that blends seamlessly into the slightly curved, enveloping back; the c

ontinuous line is broken only by the soft cushion that fits into the seat. The wood legs, which have a semi-circular cross-section and taper towards the base, provide the finishing touch.
The monochromatic colour schemes featured at the fair are grey

ash with grey leather and dark ash with mocha leather.-

Sitzausführungmit Sitzpolster
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Rücken­lehnen­ausführungmit Rückenlehne
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