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Playing on colour and on interlacements are the new TILOS and LEROS small tables, for front and side sofa, which express all the creativity of designer Phillippe Bestenheider. The structure is composed of tubular stainless steel, which, through a complex

pattern that nevertheless respects the regular geometry of the design, creates triangular forms filled with leather laces in lively colours: from blue to green, from red to natural leather, to give it an impalpable substance. The top, with rounded corner

s, makes the underlying construction purposely visible: the coloured prism thus becomes leading actor in the scene, almost as though it were a multi-coloured gem. In the version without interlacements, on the other hand, Tios and Leros forego affectations

and guadiness to highlight the neatness and formal rigour of the supporting structure, adapting well to chromatically more sober settings.

Länge1070 mm
Breite670 mm
Höhe350 mm
Tischausführungmit Korpus
Form Tischplatterechteckig abgerundet
MaterialGlas (nicht spezifiziert)
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Frag, Italien

Philippe Bestenheider