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Via Maragliano, 155
50144 Florence

T: + 39 055 333151

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Ex.t has a mission: making the home and bathroom furniture exchangeable, without renouncing to a certain style.

Unlike our competitors, we do not propose “bathroom solutions for the bathroom”, but rather versatile products that can be used in every home ambiences, allowing you a great degree of personalization, in space as much in time.

Ex.t products can be moved from one room to the other, from one home to the next, day by day, accompanying you in the contemporary frantic life rhythm.

The new wave of Scandinavian design freely inspire us, but our sensibility and the artisanality of the products stay Italian 100%.

Cold color nuances, prevalence of white, lots of wood but also bold shapes and new uses of materials from the Tuscan tradition: ceramic, marble, textiles: all rigorously handmade.

We are less rigorous. The instinct, often, prevails on functional restrictions. And we like to keep it like this. We are Italians.

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