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MGX by Materialise

Materialise NV

Technologielaan 15
3001 Leuven

T: +32 16 39 66 11
F: +32 16 39 66 00

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Materialise NV, Belgium, has developed expertise in the production of plastic prototypes and medical models utilizing Rapid Prototyping Techniques of Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering. These techniques can be described as printing techniques, but instead of using ink and paper, 3D objects are being ‘printed’ by a laser, adding one slice on top of another in a vessel of liquid polymer (Stereolithography / SLA) or powder (Selective Laser Sintering / SLS). As the laser makes contact with the liquid or powder, the material will harden, producing a 3D model..MGX by Materialise specializes in manufacturing unique and customized products in collaboration with the most promising international contemporary designers, with a focus on design, fashion, art, NSA architecture, cosmetics and the interior design market.”Our goal is to provide global service for design and product customization, innovative production solutions, and to promote the use of Rapid Manufacturing in these design markets under the .MGX brand, and in collaboration with other brands and market leaders.”

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