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The Art Factory. When we tried to summarize the traits of our identity, expressing and highlighting SICIS’s boundaries compared with its interlocutors and the rest of the market, we chose two essential mainstays, the tracks that SICIS’s undertaking and promise have been running along since the very start of its journey. If the word “Factory” immediately recalls a sense of outstanding production skills, the rhythm and strength that allow inspiration to translate into action, the word “Art” is worth a little more attention.

When we talk about Art we go beyond the sense of specialized craftsmanship - in our case that of the mosaic – and we also go beyond the meaning that is still associated with art: an intensification of time and space, inconsistency of everyday life. We have always interpreted Art well beyond its form of expression, deep down, completely, throughout the whole process in which it can complete itself: this is where “Art” and “Factory” meet.

And this is why corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are not regarded as a lost value to be recovered, and least of all as a banner to be shown off far and wide. Because this is also a component of our nature, of our way of ‘doing’ Art, in mosaics, as everything that is up and downstream of it. To state the fact that SICIS has never used child or illegal labour, is like stating that a mosaic is the product of a great many fragments. It is obvious. Everything that takes place in SICIS is created by the hands of master artists in our laboratories. We do not believe in outsourcing. Instead, we use local resources, ensuring we always comply with the strictest standards in terms of health and safety at work and protecting the environment. Always, at all costs, true MADE IN ITALY. There is nothing exceptional in having Man and Nature at heart. It is simply quite natural that this is the way things are. Indeed, it could be no other way for those intending to work with Art and looking to shoulder our responsibilities.