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Teracrea was set up in 2002 based on a project of Mauro Canfori and Emanuela Destro creating products designed to introduce greenery into internal architecture and offer new solutions to traditional pots for outdoor plants.

In the light of this, a

number of important designers were asked to interpret and explore the concept of " greenery as a means of organising the space around it using different and alternative materials than terracotta. New products and projects were conceived , based on a high

esthetical concept linked to pure design features and to the use of particular materials, with the purpose of proposing creative and innovative ideas.

At the beginning of 2006,Teracrea joined the Deroma group, a world leader in the production of v

ases and pots for flowers and plants, with the objective of proposing and developing the concept of design in the plant and greenery industry, using a wide range of both traditional and researched materials.

As a result, a new, exciting co-operatio

n was initiated which led to the fine tuning of existing products or the development of new solutions to define interior and outdoor areas, making spaces more attractive and more functional. Teracrea has started working out and developing specific project

s with architects and lanscape-designers dealing with greenery decoration in commercial and residential areas.

Besides Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Fernando and Humberto Campana's projects, we are actively working and producing vases and plant contain

ers designed by Konstantin Grcic, Marco Ferreri, Fabio Bortolani, Sebastian Bergne, Edouard François, Marion Pierret, Patrick Blanc, Tomas Alonso, Fulguro, Alexis Tricoire and Mauro Canfori.

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