Fliegenbein BL

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The floor lamp Fliegenbein gets its name from its base, which resembles the legs of a housefly. This freestanding armature comprises two bent metal tubes that merge into a single shaft; a silken shade is suspended near the top of the dark, matte-finished column. The pleated shade injects volume and texture into the composition, as the base itself possesses a visual light­weightness and geometric elegance belying its strength. The pairing of contrasts makes Fliegen­bein a complement to any modern living environment. Features Kalmar Werkstätten’s signature wheat-colored electrical cord merges seamlessly into one of Fliegenbein legs.

Original Design by Julius Theodor Kalmar
Re-edited by Garth Roberts/ Nicolo Taliani


3 x E27 40W

Form Diffusor/Reflektorzylinderförmig
Breite410 mm
Höhe1750 mm
Gewicht550 kg
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