Partita Konferenztisch

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Partita, designed by Faruk Malhan, is a desk system with the wooden X-framed legs presenting a solid and architectonic language with a high standard. Partita brings the idea of "high touch" to the office as opposed to "high tech" typically presented by the steel-framed furniture of the past decade. Technology is invisibly incorporated in this design, where you can find alternative sources to dock in with your mobile phone, PC, laptop and all digital devices. The overall design language strikes a fundamental tone by simplifying all expressions, concealing all details, and serving all contemporary needs without displaying the complexity of a configuration. It helps to create a calm atmosphere and natural aura; the touch of naturally treated wood surfaces introducing tactile elements into daily work - a quest for silent joy.

Länge 4200 - 4800 mm
Höhe 740 mm
Tiefe 1600 - 4200 mm
Material Mitteldichte Holzfaserplatte (MDF)
Holz (nicht spezifiziert)
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