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The piece is designed as an alternative solution for different postures at the changing workplace for the millenials, who sometimes look for a chance to work in a completelly relaxed body posture using a simple device such as a mobile or a small tablet. Such a posture does not call for a desk, a pedestal and a highly ergonomical task chair designed to sit 10 hours of the day. On the contrary, this is the modern chaise-lounge made of pieces that can be composed in a variety of positions to create a unique topography.

In the new habitats of todays work such as new lobies, co-working set ups, this is an element that belongs to no one and can be used by everyone. Relax is as well a very practical and comfortable element to serve for the long time talked about powernaps. This finds an increasing practical application in many emerging businesses where the work has no time boundaries and many tend to use the office 7 days and 24 hours due to the nature of their work. Again, the companions T-stick is an ideal partner for this unit, any device can easily be supported in a practical way without the need to power up the seating unit.

Koleksiyon, Deutschland

schneider + schumacher