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  • Lullaby P2
  • Lullaby P2
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Taking inspiration from shaping techniques of the acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi, Monica Förster was keen to create a series of pendant lights in sustainable materials that exude opalescence, lightness and grace.

The Lullaby pendants are made fro

m stone paper with ash lamellae. The stone paper is fashioned into pentagonal, yet slightly organic-looking shapes using five slender ash lamellae. The ash gives the soft stone paper stability, which translates as a lamp with both shape and character. The

shade’s depth and sharp, inward tuck along its lower edge ensure that the light from the pendant doesn’t dazzle.

Stone paper is made from crushed limestone, which is robust and water-repellent, yet soft and sensory. In addition, stone paper has ou

tstanding luminous qualities, which enable the Lullaby to emit a soft, muted light that communicates a cosy, natural atmosphere to the room.

The three pendant sizes, Ø241, 430 and 588 mm, assume the same recognisable shape though they are not entir

ely identical. The Lullaby pendant lights find application in the private home, whilst also being perfect for use in the interior design of restaurants, hotels, shops and the like, where the light should be soft and atmospheric. Lullaby is ideal for both

stand-alone use and grouped into clusters.

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