Sherwood 338

Sherwood 338
Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2011, Mailand
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenStandleuchten

The word "wood" is often associated with many images, but not generally so readily with light. Paolo Imperatori, however, starts out from the malleable feeling you get from a thin veneer of wood penetrated by a ray of light. To heighten this sensation, Pa

olo wrapped a sheet of magnificent mahogany around a light source: very simply, as if creating a cone with a sheet of paper. The result is a floor lamp that alludes to the comeback of intimate atmospheres and a form of lighting that is not aggressive, but

enhances the material itself. Paolo Imperatori was an assistant of the great Vico Magistretti for many years and this is his first venture as a lighting designer: a demonstration of total formal independence from the Maestro on the one hand, yet paying h

im passionate conceptual homage on the other.

Floor lamp giving indirect and diffused light. Cone diffuser in Mahogany and opaline makrofol. Lacquered metal base and Structure. Dimmer switch.

Oluce, Italien

Paolo Imperatori