Fibra Tweed

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FIBRA design Monica Graffeo
Fibra is a wall and floor coating – also for shower – that becomes perfectly waterproof thanks to the application of the glue and the protection coat. It is realized with a material used for anti-seismic building industries and it is printed with Rexa decorations inspired to the textile manufacturing, like the Tweed and the Nattè (available in three colors).

Fibra is the new covering realized in printed fiber, that dress and personalize the walls and the floors with a tweed decoration, designed by hands. A decoration that spreads softness and handmade and reproduces the fresh taste of Rexa Design.
The covering can be glued with adhesive stick on the walls and on the floors, customizing the bathroom area.
Fibra, in addition to the beautiful aesthetic view, improves the structural performances and permits to minimalize the risk of the detachments of the elements that compose the wall in case of earthquakes and have more time for the evacuation from the buildings.


Rexa Design, Italien

Monica Graffeo