Self up board


The system Self Up carries on the exploration of new solutions that Rimadesio collection reserves to the living and the night area: the freestanding compositions are characterized by aluminum feet. A wide variety of compositions, which are characterized by an aesthetic inspired by the most formal lightness. Feet are provided in the following finishes: aluminum, black, brown and lacquered in Ecolorsystem finishings.

A project whose main quality is its versatility which allows to create day composition, free-standing sideboards, night tables reinterpreting classic furniture through the aesthetic of lacquered glass, drawer units. The many possible arrangements of the system with the ability to design custom storage units, joins the exclusive series Selp Up brown edition, consisting bed side tables, dressers, drawer units and secretaire available in the matching aluminum brown only and caffé matt glass, with beaver regenerated leather.

Self Up system is available in 62 colours of the Ecolorsystem Rimadesio. A design result achieved thanks to the Rimadesio technology in the glass production. Rimadesio technology research allowed to design a new door entirely in aluminium, characterized by a continuos perimetral aluminium profile made with an exclusive “folding” system technology.

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Rimadesio, Italien

Giuseppe Bavuso

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