Maui mit Fußplatte

Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2015, Mailand
Kategorien: GarteneinrichtungAußensitzmöbelAußensessel

Maiu, armchair carved out from a single block of cedar wood, is characterized by sinuous shape with concentric circles typical of the trunk’s section that makes this piece a real work of art conceived by nature. Eco and Legno Vivo are a series of stools and small tables with simple and linear shape available in a great variety of measures and diameters.

Being “zero impact” solid wood products (Riva 1920 recover these trees fallen naturally as a result of the bad weather conditions or controlled wood saw programs), totally natural and handmade finished with no treatment, any cracks or splits, are absolutely normal, as they are typical features of solid wood that moves according to the different conditions of the environment.

Sitzausführungohne Sitzpolster
Rücken­lehnen­ausführungohne Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführungohne Armlehnen

RIVA 1920, Italien