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The fruitful collaboration between RIVA 1920 and DuPont Building Innovations, inventors of DuPont™ Energain® thermal mass panels, has now produced the very first line of SMARTh FUrniTURE called TANGO, created by Patricia Ferro and Gabriela Dupeyron.

br>Riva 1920 has always been attentive to the requirements of the environment, to ecological considerations and to innovation. The company’s eagerness to experiment motivated it to establish this collaboration aimed at creating furniture which is unique o

f its kind. The result is a range of intelligent furniture devised to save energy and improve comfort, patented by the designer Patricia Ferro. The innovation in question amounts to placing Energain®, a revolutionary heat exchanging material that accumula

tes significant quantities of thermal energy at a given temperature and then releases it into the environment, inside DuPont™ furniture and accessories.

This allows the saving of energy needed for heating both in the summer and the winter. In this

way, the furniture not only adds beauty to their surroundings but at the same time makes them more comfortable and reduces energy consumption. The furniture of the future must therefore not be a “passive” element but a “dynamic, active and intelligent on

e”, with a strategic task beyond the merely aesthetic.

The collection is made up of two elements, a table and a sideboard, both with simple, cllean lines and both offering considerable practicality. Each piece is indentified with a label carrying

information relating to the energy stored and the fusion temperature of the internal material.

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