THX 1138

Vorgestellt: Salone del Mobile 2008, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 04.4021.00058
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenStandleuchten

THX 1138 is a freestanding lamp made of aluminium and painted steel. In the wake of the success of Et (one of the company's bestsellers), Filippo Dell'Orto has gone back to designing lamps, creating a design featuring elegant, tapered forms. A large disc

resting on a thin stem holds the light source: the light, generated by a combination of energy-saving bulbs, is diffused toward the ceiling for a sober, even effect. THX 1138 is available in two versions: a high impact design with a disc measuring one me

tre in diameter, practically an ambient installation. The other, of smaller, more commercially viable size, is a lot like a traditional stem lamp. Available in black and white.

Höhe 1850 mm / 2100 mm
Durchmesser 500 mm / 1000 mm
Stand/Befestigung mit Fußplatte
Form Diffusor/Reflektor rund
Sitzausführung mit Sitzpolster
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung mit Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung mit Armlehnen
Material Aluminium
Farben Weiß

spHaus, Italien

Filippo Dell´Orto