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spHaus has been established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 as a progressive and innovative design company, producing and distributing 100% made in Italy top level furnishings, lightings and accessories. The company’s production guidelines were set up from the first catalogue: a product capable of going beyond the conventions of the sector’s large commercial brands by applying the principle of formal innovation, without loosing sight of pureness and functionality and, above all, without ever being merely decorative. spHaus then achieved the advantage of an high-end quality by the perfect balance between industrial and handicraft production, as a warranty of a unique object.
Year after year, the product range grew continuously, offering an increasingly complete and sophisticated catalogue. Italian and international designers began relationships with spHaus by bringing variety and aesthetic richness without deviating from the established principles. The spHaus catalogue now features a quantity of products meant both for the professional and private market.

Over the years spHaus have supplied projects all over the world: luxurious hotels and exclusive resorts, top restaurant and bar lounges, managerial complex and airport waiting areas, clothing stores, gym and spa relax areas, schools and universities, private luxury estates.

Upholstered seats are the main part of the collection, representing the company’s core business. But the catalogue also features a series of complementary furniture: tables, occasional tables and lamps. Our standard production is supported by various degrees of product customization: from the use of colors and fabrics upon customer’s request to the creation of new contract products.

The company is strategically located in the production hub of Brianza, famous for being the place of the most renowned historical Italian design brands. It developed its production process by drawing on the area’s most important resource: that is working in close contact with a network of small companies specialized in the furniture sector. The business relationships that continuously take place between these companies and spHaus have strengthened over the years and they guarantee the highest manufacturing quality.
The supplier interacts with the company from the beginning of product development: namely from prototyping to product engineering, up to production itself. Any spHaus project starts from its suppliers’ skills, competencies, production technologies and the materials they process.

From the business point of view, spHaus increased its sales and distribution program on a worldwide scale. The development areas are oriented to the Retail market consisting of high-end, multi-brand stores and the Contract market for hospitality and private estates interior design. The unique spHaus design is a characteristic and strong aesthetic detail of every interior project.

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