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The magic of these arresting, elegant lamps is simplicity. The lamp forms a minimalist narrow beam of light and two graphic lines: one rigid, one curved. The design goal for the Slim lamp was to merge a standard fluorescent tube with the ballast module in

to a single object. The ballast module is housed in a bottle-like extension of a metal pipe, which is laser-cut for optimal light emission. The result is a lamp with a monolithic and dignified appearance with an unusually slim body. Slim can be used as a

vertical-suspension wall lamp, a free-standing lamp, or a standard horizontal office lamp. The direction of the light beam can be regulated by hand. The lamp shade can be adjusted by 20 degrees. The vertical pendant lamp doesn’t require any electrical co

nnection on the ceiling because it feeds from a wall socket. And Slim can be used at home, in the office, or in public spaces.

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