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  • Nude Zwei Griff Armatur
  • Nude Zwei Griff Armatur
  • Nude Zwei Griff Armatur
  • Nude Zwei Griff Armatur

Full of sensuality Sybille de Margerie collection created for Zucchetti is a blend of emotion and imagination. The interior designer imagined a mineral while glamorous design for a tap series, full of sensuality: NUDE

While visiting outstanding French wine Chateau cellars, Sybille de Margerie was touched by the mysterious art of winemaking. And her eye caught the delicate glass stopper used on top of the wooden barrels in the ageing cellar. The inspiration took root and the raw glass stopper was turned into a precious crystal handle. NUDE was created. 

French art de vivre met Italian state-of-the-art. The interior designer has a personal and special feeling with Italy, for its rich history and creativity, in particular Firenze where she opened a studio. The encounter with Zucchetti skills in innovation, design, and quality fulfilled Sybille’s requirements for excellence. 

Sybille de Margerie’s signature, feminine and poetic, reaches out into the most sophisticated spheres. Functional and contemporary, the attention to detail and the striving for perfection is such that it draws together all five senses into a multitude of impressions. NUDE tap design reveals itself in a piece of crystal, round shaped, as pure as nature. Something conducive to pleasure and comfort. A bolder spirit that resists the whims of fashion. 

As simple as sophisticated, NUDE fascinates by its transparency and a tiny air bubble locked inside. The design of the handles delivers a universe of luxury and delights. Smooth shapes are feminine, and the rose gold finish is as sensual as a skin. NUDE black mat finish merged with the pure crystal becomes a true alternative for resorts in harmony with surrounding nature. 

Sybille de Margerie Paris-based studio has forged a reputation in creating spas for luxury private residences and prestigious hotels such as Mandarin Oriental Paris, The Grand Amsterdam, The Old Cataract Assouan, L’Hotel de Paris St Tropez, designed to promote a complete mind-body harmony. 

The search for a serene atmosphere reaches the bathroom, which becomes a sanctuary devoted to well-being, an invitation to unwind, a peaceful haven, a temple of relaxation. NUDE adds the perfect finishing touch for a unique, refined experience. 

 SYBILLE DE MARGERIE’S APPROACH: “As an Interior Designer my goal is to achieve a perfect blend of tradition, innovation and creativity. I see my work as a sensual quest for comfort, and the pleasure of the finest quality in the smallest detail, which I expressed in the interiors of Cheval Blanc Courchevel or Mandarin Oriental Paris, both hotels who gained palace recognition. I would say I am an architect of a particular “Art de Vivre” that merges culture and creativity in a characteristically French luxury spirit.” Sybille de Margerie 

Her attraction to fine materials mixed with a constant focus on details led her to design exclusive fittings, lightings and furniture for hospitality or residential projects such as Cheval Blanc Courchevel or Royal Atlantis, 250 high luxury residences in Dubai.

The interior designer studio’s ambition is insightful of her contemporary vision for an haute couture and timeless taps design for Zucchetti. 

 Being creative with simplicity modernizing the traditional making technology attractive, designing for harmony and comfort.

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