ALUCOBOND® A2, Farbe Sibermetallic, PVDF-Qualität

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Product description

The goal was to create an ambitious architecture with means as simple as possible, for instance bonded wood construction. The task consisted of the erection of a new commercial building for the company Tobias Grau, which at the time numb

ered 30 employees. The floor plan comprises a warehouse for prefabricated parts with dedicated areas for final assembly, delivery and shipping, as well as an office section for the commercial and design departments.

The building has been extended i

n a second phase, whereby this had been foreseen in the original planning with regard to design, work flow, and cost aspects.

The design presents a completely novel building concept. The first construction phase consists of an elongated, oval edifi

ce. A second, identical shape has been executed as the extension and connected to the first building by a two-storey, almost square edifice. The construction consists of bonded wood beams spanning over 20 meters, which were erected at a distance of 5 mete

rs and which support the external aluminium skin made of Alucobond panels.An inserted concrete table in the first building results in two-storey use and at the same time serves as reinforcement. This concrete table is formed as a visible soffit in a circu

lar domed form with a camber of 10 cm and stands on filigree concrete supports. In the upper floor, socketed wooden columns complete the supporting structure. The additional building, also in bonded wood construction, is a large entirely column-free hall


: Franziska und Tobias Grau
Architect: Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg
Interior + Lighting: Tobias Grau

ear of construction: 1998 - 2300 sq. m
Extension: 2001 - 2000 sq. m

Typecurtain /back-ventilated facades

3A Composites, Germany

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