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A vertical cleft in the building provides public access from two sides, from the old historical town and from the modern Vaksala Square, and from the top of the building you have a spectacular view over the city. "The building interacts

with the historic skyline of Uppsala and adds a new contemporary chapter to the city's history", said Klavs Holm Madsen, constructing architect and project manager, Henning Larsen Architects.

Uppsala's new concert hall now stands as a fulfilment o

f the vision the city had for their building. "There are only ten architects like Henning Larsen in the world. His co-workers are extremely careful with materials and details", said Gabriel Vikholm, project manager, Municipality of Uppsala. This includes

the work of the façade. Made up of a variation of vertical, slightly bending cassettes of metal, the façade reflects the image of a large split crystal. "We chose ALUCOBOND® mainly because of the high initial stability. We wanted to have a plane and shar

p-edged look as a contrast to the varied play of the bending cassettes. Secondly, the size of the cassettes made it necessary to find a rigid and stable material. We had very good experience with ALUCOBOND® and decided to go for it again", said Klavs Holm


With ALUCOBOND® the architects achieved precisely the kind of plane and accurate expression in the façades they had visualised and they got exactly the kind of crystalline look they were searching for.

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>Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall, Uppsala, Sweden
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects

Typecurtain /back-ventilated facades
Colorsshades of grey

3A Composites, Germany

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