Stylepark – The Original
Platform and Marketing Portal for Architecture and Design.

It´s not about everything,
it´s about the best.

As pioneers, back in 2000, we established the world’s very first online platform for architectural and design products. With our passion for architecture and design, as well as our exceptional commitment to quality, Stylepark differs from countless imitators. We are not interested in quantity, more in the justified quality of our portfolio.

At Stylepark, you will find only the very best architectural and design products. You will learn in our online magazine why we consider something to be noteworthy, which topics are, in our opinion, truly relevant and which projects by architects, interior designers and designers we feel are worth taking a closer look at. We collect knowledge, structure it, drive knowledge exchange and transference.

As networkers and consultants, we also support corporations with their internal and external communication. We develop concepts and content strategies for an improved positioning of brands among the target group of architects, interior architects and designers.