Messenger 1865

Product description

The design of Messenger is based on the idea that furnishings and technology should work together as one and be adapted to the users.

The Messenger conference cabinet is fitted with sliding glass doors for an elegant, discreet impression. As the gl

ass doors slide sideways along the wall, the conference cabinet takes up a minimum of space. New for 2009 is a slightly smaller version of the conference cabinet, adapted for smaller conference rooms and offices. Messenger can be adapted for plasma or LCD

screens. The cabinet frame is adapted to the dimensions of the screen, and can be delivered either with or without a screen.

As an alternative to a plasma screen, the cabinet can be fitted with a SilverPro writing board which is magnetic and can b

e used for projection.
Messenger is available in various sizes, adapted for large conference rooms and for smaller meeting rooms and offices. The glass doors serve as an extra writing surface and are available in black, optic white or green-white glas



Abstracta, Sweden

Fredrik Wallner

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