New Concepts Media case XXL

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2008, Milan
Categories: Home furnitureHi-Fi / tv-furniture
Product description

Wall-hung flat cabinet designed to incorporate and integrate Audio-Video devices. Its surface becomes "the screen" on which the images appear, while the real screen is inside, concealed by a lacquered glass with a clear inset that leaves in sight only the images. Loud speakers are concealed in special sides spaces. Like all other elements of the New Concepts collection, Media-Case can be used independently or aggregated to other units. Used alone, Media Case is an audio-video solution "all-in-one", discreet and elegant, that can be inserted in any environment and eventually connected by wires or wireless to other electronics (PC, DVD, Hi-Fi, etc).
The aggregation of the Media Case with other elements of the collection New Concepts, according to a principle of great composing freedom, creates various solutions, always different and personal, where the harmony of shapes, volumes and materials prevails, while audio-video components are smartly concealed, to surprisingly appear ways only when needed.
NEW for Salone 2008 is the Media Case XXL version, that allows to integrate LCD/ plasma screens of considerabole size, from 52" to 65".
Flat Case
Ultra-flat cases that can be placed besides the Media-case with perfect alignment and continuity, creating one large wall hung element, not only complete of audio-video functions, but also of media-storage. With one single door, sliding vertically, the Flat-case units can contain DVD, CD, books, iPod and other electronics. When beside the Media-case, Flat-case units are predisposed, on the free side, with a special space for the loud speaker.
Ground Case
Low units with a deep ground shelf slightly raised from the floor and a back panel with rear grazing lighting. An element that placed between other units of the Ground Sideboards range visually interrupts the linearity of the compositions creating and interesting alternation of empty and full volumes. Reflecting Stopsol Super Silver glass screens, conceal Hi-Fi systems and other electronics allowing their remote control, or slide on the side to have them fully accessible. All connecting cables are hidden in the back technical channel.
Ground Sideboards
Ground sideboards with extractable units complete the range of New Concepts sideboards. Back channel with lighting system.

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