Product description

Containing without visibly reducing domestic spaces. Connecting electronic devices, hiding the wires. Granting flexibility, not only dimensionally, but in particular in terms of use requirements. All this finds its meaning to be in the heart of Newind where, further to the book-shelves, all necessities are condensed: from displaying objects to containing Audio and video electronic devices, smartly concealed to appear only on demand.

In particular, the TV screen disappears completely behind a large sliding door. But not only the door is moving: surprisingly, also the TV panel can slide with the door, allowing the access to the rear shelves or to orient the TV screen sideway for a better vision.

The main structure, made of full-height structural wall-panels, supports the shelving with tapered profile shelves and a large overhanging shelf of great thickness. The flexibility is granted by adding side modular elements to the heart unit of fix dimension and, under the great central shelf, hanging suspended storage cabinets with flap door. The composition can be completed with the ground elements of the New Concepts collection (Base, Ground sideboard, Ground case).

New because it is really new and innovative. As New Concepts, collection with whom it permeates and integrates. Wind, tribute to Soffio di Vento ("gentle breeze"), renowned Acerbis wall-system with sliding doors, dated 1986. Newind. A blast of new, fresh and light air. Newind, new ideas, new concepts.

Cupboard front finishsliding front

Acerbis, Italy

Oscar Buratti

Gabriele Buratti

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