Product description

Coherent geometry and simplicity characterize the design of this piece of furniture, the ninth sideboard "and a half" designed by Lodovico Acerbis. The apparent simplicity truly hides innovative technical features, typical of all sideboard made by Acerbis. In addition to the ultra-slim door and top with profiles in shiny aluminium, the great one-piece door surprises with its special opening system. The door opens by sliding vertically on special rails and gets placed, after a ninety degrees rotation, under the cabinet, partially overhanging, and becoming a practical bearing surface. The innovative construction of door and top with aluminium frames, highlighted by thin reflecting profiles, allows minimum thickness and use of a wide range of finishing materials (veneer, glass, stone).

Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage
Materialglass (unspecified)
wood (unspecified)
stone (unspecified)

Acerbis, Italy

Lodovico Acerbis