Product description

With Tuttuno cabinet, we have tried to condense in one unit different concepts that have always been important for us:
- answer positively to end-user requirements that, with dimensions of the apartments which are more and more reducing, need high capacity pieces of furniture without being obliged to accept aesthetic compromises.
- reduce the aesthetic impact of technology, nowadays more and more diffused and that shall be less invading, no longer exhibited or simply inserted, but integrated, concealed and friendly.
- allow easy and invisible connections among different audio-video components
The result is a multi-function living-room cabinet, with very high capacity in a compact size. Extremely dynamic and unpredictable in its design and possibilities to use. Not only "storage capacity", but "versatility of usage": the closed and open compartments are not predetermined. The use made of the furniture dictates the arrangement. Items concealed can be displayed without any cumbersome doors, or objects can be hidden. The TV monitor, concealed behind glass or mounted on a panel, also slides like a door, allowing use of rear space and to adjust the position of the screen for the best viewing. A full-height invisible technical channel smartly manages the wire connections among all the different audio-video components. The side columns reveal inside an unusual and practical space to contain small books, CD/DVDs, bottles, glasses, etc. and to conceal special loud-speakers with upper emissions, specifically made by Hi.Fi. specialists.
Tuttuno. All-in-one. Capacity, function, elegance... condensed.


Acerbis, Italy

Oscar Buratti

Gabriele Buratti

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