Window and facade system, Villas in a park

Product description

The air-lux sliding window casement and facade system consists of a thermally separated aluminium profile construction with insulating glazing fitted from the interior or exterior. The double rail system can be installed at floor or ceiling level f

lush into the lateral window opening responds.

The core property of the air-lux large surface-area is a patented seal. The revolutionary pneumatic, servicing and maintenance-free sealing system is 100% airtight in the inflated state; it opens and

closes by means of a special folding, frictionless, mechanism. The air is generated by a noiseless pump which is placed inside of the window frame , not visible from the outside.

-The sliding window casement element is positioned on

the exterior. The fixed glazing element is on the inside. The framework profiles of the fixed pane permit the integration of pivoting lights, pivot-hung lights, ventilation flaps or door frames, but these without profile system and change of surfa

ce element.

-Framework extensions are hidden by the external sliding window casement element, and the vertical framework view is only 66 mm.

-Since the first installation of an air-lux system seven years ago, more than 2,000 sliding wi

ndow casements have been sold and fitted. Positive experience with the air-lux system technique in regard to reliability as well as its aesthetic and technical characteristics can assure architects and developers of the highest degree of functional

ity and quality value.

-air-lux provides a 10-year guarantee on seals, profiles and fittings.

All pictures: 9 Villas in a park, Zürich, Switzerland
Architect: Peter Kunz Architektur, Winterthur , Switzerland

Photos: © Dominique Marc Wehrli, Regensdorf , Switzerland

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