Presented:Salone del Mobile 2012, Milan
Categories: Home furnitureStorage / ShelvingShelf systems
Product description

POLI, designed by Brian Sironi, is an innovative, flexible, and adjustable panelling system. It can be applied to any surface, even non-linear surfaces, to add functionality and cover walls to create a unique and exclusive space. There are countless possi

ble configurations as the collections comes in many different colours and materials such as glass, wood, and laminated finishes. The range can be expanded according to individual requirements. In fact, you can create the panelling by applying different ma

terials to those in the catalogue on request, such as plasterboard, ceramics, or stone. These materials can be provided directly by the customer themselves. This service offers the perfect solution for creating continuity between rooms, precisely because

it allows the same finishing as in other rooms in the house to be used. The company can customise and adapt the model according to the architectural needs of the customer. If there is an opening, the design allows for a swing door to be fitted with the s

ame finish as the panelling and the handle incorporated into the panel to create an “invisible” effect. Another special feature is that the panels can be positioned in a staggered pattern, so that they are not on the same level. The design can also includ

e open compartments or compartments with doors, drawer units, and shelves that can be used for storage or as supporting surfaces. Incorporating these accessories further accentuates the different levels of depth that can be created and which breathe life

into an interplay of irregular shapes. The configuration that is achieved has a very attractive visual effect, as well as being extremely practical and functional. The panelling can be positioned on the wall with uprights at different distances (20-30-45

-60-90-120-150cm) that give it an appearance of irregularity “that creates diversity and customisation”, as the designer Brian Sironi himself puts it. In fact, POLI can be adapted into a bookcase configuration for living spaces, or transformed into a walk

-in wardrobe for bedrooms. So many products in just one system: simple, yet cutting edge, offering a solution that is innovative, but that can be easily adapted to different living environments, and much more.


Albed, Italy

Brian Sironi