Vista wall composition (kitchen)

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Product description

Vista is the new wide program to divide and equip the space. It is composed of shelves with uprights in anodized aluminium to be fixed to the wall or between floor and ceiling that you can equip with different accessories: shelves, drawers and other eleme

nts in aluminium and wood which allow to equip elegant wardrobe systems or with shelves available in different widths and depths in sheet metal lacquered in all RAL colors. The same accessories can also be hung to sliding frames and placed one upon anothe

r to the wall unit fixed to the wall, creating a play of equipped panels which hide and then uncover when you need other elements. These frames slide between two rails: one to the floor and one suspended to the ceiling, which allow a perfect, light and to

tally free sliding for the whole length.

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Albed, Italy

Massimo Luca