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Product description

Reynolux® is a prepainted aluminium sheet or coil manufactured through the coil-coating process. Unlike powder coating, this process allows for the application of one or more layers of coating, all in uniform quality and with no colour deviation between d

ifferent delivery batches. Reynolux® is a tremendously versatile product. It is suitable for roofs, facade cladding and many other interior and exterior applications. Reynolux® can be used in new construction as well as for refurbishment. Reynolux® opens

up creative possibilities in a market segment that far too often moves no further than the standard options. It can also be coated with in a unique palette of colours through our coil coating systems. The outstanding physical and chemical characteristics

of the coatings give Reynolux® an extraordinary resistance to UV rays and good weather protection. Reynolux® can be fabricated without problems using standard machine processes like cutting, profiling, folding, bending, pressing, drilling and sawing. Jo

ining can also be accomplished through standard means like screws, rivets, glue and folding. Reynolux® is primarily shaped in the workshop.

Alcoa Architectural Products, France