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Product description

EVALON® Solar is the first power-generating synthetic roofing membrane for photovoltaic (PV) systems integrated into the roof. Roof sealings made of high-quality EVALON® V roofing membranes with flexible and lightweight PV modules are employed

* as

a reliable protection of buildings against rainwater and

* for direct conversion of solar energy into electric power.


* is flexible without any glass or frames,

* has an extremely small weight and can be installe

d even on roof structures with a low design load (e.g. lightweight steel or timber decks),

* with UNI-SOLAR® PV modules in triple junction technology, providing up to 20% higher output than similarly rated crystalline solar cell modules and

* is certified by ESTI-Ispra according to IEC 61646/CEC 701 and as a protection class II material by the Technical Supervisory Association TÜV Rheinland.

EVALON® Solar is harmonically incorporated into the overall architectural design. The roof are

a gets a visible structure; the architectural design of the roof gets its characteristic features.

It is the central element of a system of technically and technologically integrated product groups for multifunctional roofing solutions.

Alwitra, Germany