Array JK1

Year of design: 2011 | Design: Sofie Refer, Jesper Kongshaug, Jakob Staer
Array JK1

Both Array and Ice Chandelier have been adopted by &tradition after the recent dissolution of the Refer+Staer design studio. &tradition has previously worked with Danish designer Sofie Refer on the Bulb and Mega Bulb lights. “I have great respect for the

people behind &tradition and the values the brand represents,” says Refer. “They are immensely knowledgeable about design, and combine that with great engagement and courage. It has always been our intention to create lamps that are innovative and sensuo

us while retaining an honest and simple expression.” Refer’s Array light, designed with Jakob Staer and Jesper Kongshaug in 2011, is the perfect example of this philosophy.

Array is made up of eight metal and acrylic pendants, set at varying heigh

ts and ending in an LED light source. Despite its minimalist design, the light it casts gives a gentle and diffused glow around the surrounding space, while the down light produces a precise and concentrated beam. Equally suited for public spaces, the con

tract market and private homes, Array has the unique potential to be both extravagant and restrained depending on how its silicone cables are arranged.

Combining tradition and innovation as well as modular and sculptural form, Ice Chandelier and Ar

ray both chime with &tradition’s basic tenets. “Ice Chandelier uses familiar materials in a new, elegant way, encasing the bulbs in the least complicated way possible,” says Martin Kornbek Hansen, brand director of &tradition. “In Array, the product is bo

iled down to a no-nonsense minimum. Yet it is modular and sculptural, allowing for a complete change of character depending on how it’s arranged.”

Array JK1