Blown SW3

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Product description

Blown is Samuel Wilkinson’s first lamp for &tradition. A mouth-blown pendant lamp with a quilted pattern, it comes in two versions: a translucent variant with a silver lustre and a sandblasted one. Blown is fitted with a powder-coated metal suspension and

a E27 - Max 60W light source. The pendant was conceived as an exploration of the reflections, distortions, and refractions of a light source when surrounded by patterned glass.

Wilkinson explains the wide range of inspirations he looked to when d

eveloping Blown: “Like with any project, you start with an idea, and then you start looking at the world through a sort of filter. I’ve looked at antique ceramics, old glass pieces, lenses from very old lamps, lighthouses, even a mirrored bottle, just to

see the way the light comes off it.” Wilkinson even sought inspiration in seeds and berries - particularly raspberries - for the quilted texture of the glass.

Producing Blown is a combination of industrial processes and traditional craftsmanship.

The texture of the glass is rendered carefully using computer-aided design (CAD) in order to control the inflation of each bubble precisely. The crafted element comes in when the piece is mould-blown, meaning its shape is determined in a mould, then infl

ated by mouth-blowing.

Blown makes a statement as a standalone item, but works equally as well in clusters or in succession. The two versions cater to a range of interiors, with the sandblasted variant providing a subtle, sophisticated glow, while

the translucent version transforms the space it inhabits with the intricate textures and patterning.

Height280 mm
Diameter280 mm
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&Tradition, Denmark

Samuel Wilkinson