Clothes Horse

Product description

The daily ritual of dressing takes centre stage with this modern clothes horse by Jonah Takagi. The arching clothes rail, which incorporates a full-length mirror and vanity shelf, builds on his previous explorations of creating structures that work to def

ine a larger space.

Together, the all-encompassing dressing unit forms a worthy alternative to what might be typically found in the bedroom. Despite its straightforwardness, there is still a theatrical thread in the piece; from the front, most of t

he stretched wooden rail is hidden from view.

British wood specialists, Another Country, were the perfect partners to bring this modern piece to life. Realised in ash wood painted in the brands signature Pigeon Blue, the piece is a timeless vision

that boasts exposed brass hardware and visible joinery to highlight the honesty of its construction.

shades of blue
shades of grey
shades of beige
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Another Country, United Kingdom

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