Colour Tec Glow

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Product description

ColourTec Glow is paintable phosphorescent wallpaper of the "AP Pigment" collection. The phosphorescence of the design elements is long-lasting and has been treated with a hydrophobic lotus-effect coating. When painted over with suitable varnishes the paint simply rolls off. By contrast, the open non-woven material absorbs the varnish very well. That means you can decorate the wallpaper with your own particular colour scheme without loss of function.

The ColourTec Glow range includes a striped variety and a mix and match wallpaper with an arrow-design. The direction of the nearest emergency exist can be indicated by continuous or reverse hanging of the "arrow".

Both varieties contain long-lasting phosphorescent pigments, which are stimulated by either natural or artificial light. If the lighting fails, the luminous pigments re-emit the absorbed radiation immediately. Thus, the wallpaper signposts escape routes without the need for emergency power. It improves orientation and speeds up evacuation, facilitating safe and rapid clearing of hazardous areas (e.g. in thick smoke).

ColourTec Glow also scores points with excellent quality, ease of hanging and a multitude of decorating options. Quartz sand has been applied to the wallpaper's surface as an additional highlight. As well as serving its original purpose, it also creates an unusual visual focus.

ColourTec Glow is made in Germany. It complements emergency signage, in accordance with DIN 67510-4 as well as ASR (German Workplace Regulations) A 1.3 and 3.4.


Architects Paper, Germany

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