Amazone 28260

Amazone 28260
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Product description

And this means that the right kind of wallcovering is needed to go with them. Amazone fits in perfectly with this trend. It is a unique and exclusive wallcovering in very beautiful crumpled fabric that is the ultimate in chic. The fabric is taffeta, rich

and densely woven that produces a very special effect when the light falls on it. The smooth finish is magnificent in itself, and the design is a pure gem. An outstanding example of craftsmanship too, because the prints are made using a very sophisticate

d flock technique producing a totally divine result. Available in colours such as black black, praline brown, theatre red, frozen chestnut, ivory, laurel green, bronze green, brick red, storm blue and rust. Amazone - this time, Arte has clearly surpassed


Width1160 mm
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Arte, Belgium

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