Bohémien 12001

Bohémien 12001
Categories: Wall / CeilingWall papers
Product description

With Bohémien one's thoughts turn naturally to warm and living colours, beautiful fabrics, upsweeping rhythms and mysterious melodies. Bohémien on the one hand gives a sense of nonchalance and on the other hand it is also very chic. For the

substrate, the creators have purposely chosen crumpled paper, with wide or narrow pleats, that sometimes has a flock pattern added to it. With stripes, or even a plant motif. Sometimes in shades that blend, sometimes in shades with strong contrasts. The

duos of colours appeal to the imagination with evocative names such as sand & oyster, oak & pearl, cream & pebble, silver & white, ruby & red, etc.

Width900 mm
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Arte, Belgium