Camouflage Mochav35009

Camouflage Mochav35009
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Product description

Each of the references from the Camouflage collection plays with the moiré effect, which can have a completely different result, depending on the choice of colours. It is still a faux uni, but not a static one. There is life in it. Even if one tries for a

particular shade, one always gets that unique, water-like wave effect in it. The rhythm is constantly changing, which is what makes Camouflage so unique. Nothing is what it appears to be. Nothing appears to be what it is.

Daring, but stylish

Camouflage loves to flirt with architecture, being static and in motion at the same time. It therefore also blends perfectly in a nearly cubist or surrealist interior. The colour palette looks ‘expensive', comprising only soft, warm shades, such as s

and and rusty earth tones, a warm Bordeaux red and a pitch black. The lighter shades have a very unique beading grey and silvery white. All of the shades have a subtle gloss which can sometimes appear more pronounced depending on the colour and the fall o

f the light. It's daring, but quite stylish.

Materialspecialty fiber (Trevira CS)
Colorsshades of brown
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Arte, Belgium