Carapace 64008

Carapace 64008
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Product description

The Carapace collection is inspired by nature's skins, textures, and colours. ARTE took the look and feel of various plants, minerals and animals and combined them with the textures and colours of other elements, resulting in surreal, almost magical creat

ions that appear to be born out of a parallel universe. The collection springs from three different textures telling their own story: Skin, Gator and Moire. Gator is an imaginative interpretation of crocodile's skin, while Moire's texture is derived from

fish scales and reptile skins. Skin is based on the texture of leaves and tree bark and the hides of large mammals such as elephants and rhinos. These three textures are divided into four distinct colour groups; however, the colours used are not so easy

to define. Most of the wallcoverings have some sort of iridescent shimmer, which shifts from one colour to another depending on the angle you look at it: silver, gold, zinc, cuprum, brass, rust, platinum,... The results are unpredictable and surprising;

qualities that make the walls feel as if they are coming alive.

Width1340 mm
Colorsgold / brass
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Arte, Belgium