Presented:imm cologne 2015, Cologne
Categories: Wall / CeilingWall papers
Product description

Black & white. Yin & yang. Light & dark. Day & night. All these contrasts form the theme in the Eclipse collection. A successor, or rather an expansion of the Intrigue collection that ARTE launched previously. Both collections are fabric wallcoverings produced using a technique that ARTE has mastered. Perhaps we can give you a hint. The technique is called thermoforming. During thermoforming, motifs are pressed into the fabric using heat. This results not only in an attractive, three-dimensional pattern that feels thick and warm, but also provides a positive acoustical effect in the room. The name Eclipse was not chosen coincidentally. It refers to the astronomical phenomenon when one celestial body is temporarily in the shadow of another celestial body.

The name Eclipse suits this collection perfectly because every pattern is only available in two colours: black or white. No twilight zone. Two non-colours as it were, each other’s opposite but forever in vogue. White, the colour of innocence, is actually the sum of all colours in the visible part of the spectrum. By contrast, black is the result of a lack of light. Yet both ‘colours’ are the ideal mix and match; they are always in fashion, winter and summer.


Arte, Belgium

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