Metal X Glass 85201

Metal X Glass 85201
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Product description

The name of this collection may well ring some bells for you. It most certainly will in fact. Because ‘Metal X Glass' is based on the success story of the previous Metallics and Metal-X collections. We have selected the best-sellers from the colour groups

and separated them out especially for this new line and added something new to them: ultra-fine glass beads. For this product we started with the beautiful metal foil that forms the background and that is stuck onto a membrane. To this we have applied a

number of identifiable patterns: broad vertical stripes, a plain version, a false plain version on which one can just see a very fine pattern, so that it looks like a plain flat surface from a distance, and finally there is also a damask pattern. There i

s one other unique variant where the oxidised foil and the damask pattern are both relegated to the background revealing a decorative pattern of branches in the foreground. A masterful effect. Perhaps a little baroque, and yet still rather discreet.

R>Arte is looking to create a fairy-tale world with this collection. As light as gossamer, girlish, fragile and nostalgic. The collection is also presented in an ‘Alice in Wonderland' atmosphere. The decor that we have chosen is a Victorian doll's house f

rom which a small girl with a porcelain face looks out. The proportions are deceptive. You find yourself in a surreal world. Other accents that reinforce this feeling are a nod at the mysterious side of fairy tales such as a doll's tea service, minute fur

niture, a black raven, etc. A bit dramatic perhaps, but these are unmistakeably the stuff of fairy tales.

Metal X Glass is a distinguished and exclusive collection with a baroque flavour to it. The underlying layer of lightly oxidised metal produce

s stunning colour variations. It looks as though intentional small splashes of rust have been pasted on the walls. They glimmer at times and then fade again. It goes without saying of course that typical metallic colours such as gold, silver, copper and b

ronze are particularly popular.

Colorsgold / brass

Arte, Belgium