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Product description

Beads & Pieces, a Design With Conscience project, is a four-piece ceramic collection designed by Hella Jongerius. Artisans located in the primary coca leaf-growing region of Peru handcraft the collection. With the help of Aid to Artisans, a non-profit

organization that provides practical assistance to artisans worldwide, Artecnica offers an alternative economic reality to the people of this dangerous and oppressed area. With its black ceramic embellished with delicate pink beading, Beads & Pieces

is classic Jongerius. Ceramic floral bouquets and wooden beads add to the artful juxtaposition of elements. Beads & Pieces’ handcrafted and socially responsible origins are apparent in its design. The ceramists’ workmanship is seen in the

graceful curves of the black ceramic, a traditional Peruvian pottery technique. Motifs from the indigenous Shipibo tribe are also incorporated into the beading.

Height457 mm
Diameter229 mm
shades of violet
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Artecnica, United States

Hella Jongerius