Presented:Salone del Mobile 2008, Milan
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Product description

An Artecnica Design with Conscience™ project, Witches’ Kitchen™ is a handcrafted kitchenware collection inspired by the witches and wizards of western lore. The extensive collection is a collaborative exercise in sustainable design commi

ssioned by Artecnica, designed by Tord Boontje, and handcrafted by artisan groups from three different South American countries.

Witches’ Kitchen features black ceramic cookware hand-molded by Colombian artisans, an assortment of wooden

kitchen utensils hand-carved by Guatemalan craftsmen, and kitchen couture for men and women hand-sewn by Brazil’s Coopa-Roca women’s cooperative. Bridging the gap between sorcerer’s spell book and mother’s cookbook, Witches’

Kitchen celebrates the arcane magic behind every succulent dish.

Witches’ Kitchen cookware includes a black ceramic casserole and saucepan, both with matching lids that double as serving bowls. Each piece is hand-molded by Colombian arti

sans using traditional pottery techniques, and is embellished with textured leaf prints using a specialized method unique to Witches’ Kitchen, developed by Artecnica and the artisans involved. Fresh leaves from the local area are pressed into the we

t clay and burn during the piece’s firing, leaving fossil-like imprints in the ceramic.

Naturally lead- and toxin-free and created without the use of glazes, Witches’ Kitchen cookware promotes healthy, additive-free cooking. It cook

s food evenly and has the added benefits of being stovetop, oven, and microwave safe. Versatile pieces that are as practical as they are sophisticated, Witches’ Kitchen cookware effortlessly makes the seamless transition from kitchen stove to tablet

op centerpiece.

An assortment of intricately carved wooden utensils handmade by Guatemalan artisans evokes a witch’s essential tools, including a dagger knife, and a pair of salad tossers shaped like witch’s hands. Double-ended ute

nsils including a serving and tasting spoon, a serving spoon and fork, and carving and serving forks round out the selection. In keeping with Design with Conscience’s commitment to sustainability, all utensils are made from sustainable and reforeste

d wood sourced locally from Guatemala.

To create the all-black, hand-sewn selection of kitchen couture, Artecnica revisits Brazil’s Coopa-Roca women’s cooperative who created Artecnica’s popular Design with Conscience Come Rai

n Come Shine chandelier. The women of Coopa-Roca bring their expert fingers to Witches’ Kitchen, tailoring a fringed Witches’ Apron and Witches’ Glove potholder for women, and a patchwork Wizards’ Apron and Wizards’ Glove pot

holder for men.

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