Mirror Star Mosaic

Mirror Star Mosaic
Product description

Large oval mirrors topped with a multi-faceted, three-dimensional mirrored glass mosaic. Each facet on the mosaic is a glass piece hand-cut, polished, and beveled by the Guatemalan artisan group responsible for the tranSglass™ line of recycled glass vesse

ls. Mosaics available in dog mask and star motifs.
Part of Artecnica’s Design with Conscience™ line, the tranSglass Mirrors project reunites Artecnica with the design and manufacturing team who created their critically acclaimed tranSglass line, now p

art of MoMA New York’s permanent collection. Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden’s designs are inspired by traditional Guatemalan tribal masks encountered by Boontje during his travels to oversee the production of the tranSglass collection. Utilizing the prec

ise art of cold glass cutting they mastered to create the initial product line, the talented tranSglass artisan team once again showcase their refined skills, creating mirrors that are functional works of art.

Width701 mm
Height1100 mm
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Artecnica, United States

Tord Boontje

Emma Woffenden