Tangle Globe

Presented:Maison&Objet 2012 January, Paris
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Combining the sleek look of clear glass and the precious appearance of plated metal, Tord Boontje, a celebrated designer and the head of Product Design Department at the Royal College of Art has created a new light that is born reminiscent of museum gl

ass cases that preserve samples of luxurious, exotic vegetation found in remote, pristine jungles. A new etched metal Tangle was specifically designed to be encased in the Globe to achieve both an exotic natural appearance and levels of high light ref

lectivity. The Globe and the Tangle can also be used individually; while the Globe can also be used in conjunction with any Garland.

Diameter100 mm / 250 mm
Light regulationone light level
Diffuser/reflector shapespherical
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Artecnica, United States

Tord Boontje