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Product description

Solar Tree is a light fixture combining an innovative design with the technical performances of LED lighting systems using solar energy supplied from photovoltaic system. This project aims to combine the reduced environmental impact, especially deriving from the low absorption of fossil fuel-based energy, with the need of ensuring constant working and expected light performances. The operation of this light fixture is not influenced by weather randomness and project changes due to winter periods (e.g. number of panels, accumulator dimensioning). These project changes concerning dimensions and weights would imply higher costs, and however the fixture would not ensure continuous working. In fact hybrid versions are being more and more used in leading sectors.

In this direction Artemide has developed the Solar Tree project which, with a mixed configuration of accumulators/ solar energy and mains power supply, can combine Energy-saving and functionality at the best. Structure composed by curved steel poles of different diameters and heights, with a maximum total height of about 5,5m over road level. This system is composed by 10 “stems of grass” with 40mm Ø. On their extremity there is 1 LED of about 1 W protected by a diffuser screen in PMMA and 10 poles with 76mm Ø supporting the heads. The poles are painted with outdoor epoxy paint in light green colour shading into white.

The 10 heads, housing the photovoltaic cells in their upper part, are supported by poles with a diameter of 76mm; 20 power LEDs, which can be supplied with power up to 500mA and have a white neutral colour temperature, are housed in the lower part of 4 of them, on an aluminium dissipator, and are provided with a screen in plastic material which ensures protection against water and dusts. The base is made of hot-galvanized steel plate to be fixed to the ground. Otherwise it is possible to use a base, always in galvanized steel, with reinforced concrete parts forming a circular bench. In this case the base can rest on the ground without need of further fixing systems. The connection/wiring parts, the control and recharge boards and the batteries are contained in several watertight boxes, provided with male and female connectors with IP Rating IP65 or higher, placed at the foot of the base or inside the concrete bench, according to the technical specifications of the Solar Tree version supplied. Benches in white painted concrete, with second coat of anti-graffiti paint.


G5, 24W, 220-240V

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Inspection seal /certificationENEC
Diameter head of lamp770 mm
Height6140 mm
Diameter4410 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP55 protection against: dust/water jets
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classesF
stainless steel
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Artemide Outdoor, Germany

Ross Lovegrove

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