La Forêt des Songes Votive 5 candles

La Forêt des Songes Votive 5 candles
Product description

Among the forest trees conjured by Marcel Wanders are
a series of clear crystal candlesticks and vases inspired
by his first vision of Baccarat's expertise and style: the
deeply cut crystal is combined with the lightness of filigree, undoubtedly linked to his own source of inspiration, his country's lace he uses so often. A play in contrasts, the solid, deeply cut crystal bases, candlesticks and engraved budvases are available in series, or alternately in modules of five elements, single candlesticks or vases, or votives and vases attached to a single base.

Length68 mm
Width308 mm
Height118 mm
Materialcrystal glass
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Baccarat, France

Marcel Wanders