Les Esprits des Bois Daim grand modèle

Product description

Marcel Wanders had a dream, and Baccarat brought it to life: to top off the "United Crystal Woods" collection with one design devoted to the legendary animals of the forest -large deers that appear like dream images at the edge of
the woods and magically metamorphose into exceptional candelabra.This line features three different sizes, from two meters for the tall deer to 90 centimeters for the small deer. The slender forms are made of square, polished stainless
steel, topped with engraved, clear crystal candleholders, votive holders or vases. Decorated with candles or ethereal flowers, they become striking decors of light.

Length420 mm
Height2000 mm
Depth660 mm
Materialcrystal glass
stainless steel
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Baccarat, France

Marcel Wanders