Torch table lamp, black

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Product description

Since he first created the Fantôme ceiling lamp, Arik Levy has been busy transforming and infusing new life into some time-honoured traditions at Baccarat.
In a passionate homage to torchlight, the lamp and wall-mounted light fixture from the Torch range take inspiration from the traditional Zénith chandelier: The celebrated crystal elements - previously twisted into a spiral - have been hijacked as a mounting for a straight, rigid lamp stand. Reflecting a new era and a new creative fire, Torch infuses sophisticated technology with both rationality and poetic whimsy.
A floor lamp, a reading lamp and a ceiling lamp have been added to the collection, with white or upside-down black shades adding a patrician note to the flamboyance of these lamps.
True to his personal way of rethinking design, Arik Levy establishes a close rapport between transmitter and receiver. The pronounced mirror effect of the Torch design is intended to turn one's gaze away from the light, thus intensifying the overall visual impressions. Imperious and resolute, the emblem of light reveals and conceals itself, like a celestial body of crystal that has mysteriously strayed from its orbit.

Height580 mm
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic
Materialcrystal glass
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Baccarat, France

Arik Levy